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Danelectro Chicken Salad Vibrato Video

Vibe sound - Danelectro Chicken Salad

This video gives you an idea of what kind of Uni-Vibe sounds this pedal is capable of. It's a very inexpensive pedal, but it works quite well for the vibe sound. I am using a fuzz pedal on this clip too, just like Hendrix did! Mine is a Das Fuzz by Baja Tech Custom. Amp used here is my Reverend Hellhound.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Hmm, I actually can't remember which order I put them in.

Comment added on January 09, 2009
Leebone said...

Is the fuzz before or after the vibe? Anyways, great vibe for the price.

Comment added on January 09, 2009
Jim Strawser said...

Roberts showa yah how to do it without breaking the bank buying botique pedals and we all know Robert is a pedal and amp junkie...jes kidding Robert, keep up the good work, you da man!

Comment added on October 07, 2008
Robert Renman said...

I am not sure how RT does it. I know he uses a Fulltone Deja Vibe of some sort.

I just used a Chicken Salad pedal and some overdrive. My amp was set to fairly clean tone.

Comment added on June 22, 2008
Mike said...

Hello Robert:

Great clip! I was wondering how you chain your effects (and amp settings) to get the elusive Bridge of Sighs sound? Thanks for your effort.

Comment added on June 20, 2008

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