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Lexicon LXP-1 and my Hellhound Video

Quick demo of my Lexicon reverb I just bought. The Lexicon LXP-1 is an old reverb unit, but it sounds very good!

I love this reverb. My Hellhound tube amp just comes to life with a bit of quality reverb. Well, I bet any amp would come back to life good with this reverb unit!

See also more details in my Lexicon LXP-1 review .

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Comments on this video clip:

Dennis said...

Hi Zayn,
Ok, this is 4 years too late maybe but I have an LXP-1 in mint condition. It was used for one year back in 1983 then packed away. At that time I set up a Tascam 1/4 inch studio in my loungeroom to transfer my LP collection onto tape. All that Tascam gear is also mint condition and repackaged in its original cartons, unused for 29 years, and available if anyone is interested.

Comment added on April 03, 2013
Zayn said...

My brothers, where can I find an LXP-1? I have searched extensively on ebay and other places, but have not been successful. I am in dire need of this unit! Any help would be much appreciated.

Comment added on August 22, 2009
Matthias said...

This demo is wonderful. I really like your playing style. I use the LXP1 and 5 with my synthesizers.

Comment added on June 22, 2009
Jim Strawser said...

Looking at some older Lexicon reverbs, to use with my lap steel, this shows me what i need to know, kewl licks Bro. btw im using it with close strat, clone tele, a clone Gibson and a cheap lap steel through at vintage Traynor TS-100, another Ebat steal! Keep up the good work!

Comment added on July 13, 2008
isaiah said...

awsome lick.

Comment added on March 01, 2008

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