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Guitar Delay Example Video

Using Delay

This is a little example of how you can have fun with a long delay when playing. I'm using my Vox AD50VT and it's built-in delay here.

Eddie Van Halen used delays in cool ways a long time ago, and U2's The Edge is another pioneer in using delays. He is true master of the technique and uses delays in much more advanced ways than I show here.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

I would say, try the Boss DD-20. I really like it. It has many cool settings and the sounds are top notch in my book.

Comment added on October 10, 2008
Mike said...

Hi, I use a Vox AD50VT for a practice amp and have always loved the delay because it is kind of soft I guess you could say and the way the repeats get quieter. Anyway, I wondered if you had came across a pedal that was similar. I've tried the Boss pedals and currently use the MXR Carbon Copy which is ok but not as subtle. Thanks, Mike

Comment added on October 10, 2008

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