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Clean Boost Pedal - 19 Sixty 3 Video make this nice clean boost pedal. It has a lot of output in it. It is in fact reproducing the preamp section from Blackface Fender amps from the early to mid sixties.

It sounds really nice through my Hellhound. I am here using it with clean amp, with the Bad Monkey and with some Hellhound amp overdrive. My SX strat has some issues right now and isn't sounding its best - I have to gut her and do some solder and upgrade jobs on her.

Listen to another 19 Sixty 3 video clip here.

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Comments on this video clip:

Todd said...

Nice playing, Robert!

Comment added on February 12, 2010
Trigo said...

So I guess you're using the 19 sixty 3 in front of the distortion pedals?

Comment added on December 09, 2009
lucas said...

im seing this videos because im star monday in school guitar

Comment added on September 13, 2008

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