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The cheapest Stratocaster copy? Video

Here is a short demo of what the Fullerton Standard Stratocaster sounds like through my Reverend Hellhound. I am playing straight into the amp, with no effects being used.

The guitar is 100% stock - no modifications has been made to it (yet). I will however upgrade the pickups and replace the nut. I bought this Strat copy for $44.99, and I only had to pay $5.95 for shipping to Canada from the States. Absurd! It's a perfect beginner / intro level guitar, and with some small upgrades, an experienced player can have a great backup guitar.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Pete Ritchings said...

My wife suprised me with a Fullerton Strat copy for Father's Day,6/20/10. I saw it at a local flea market with a small Marshall amp, case etc for $95.00. She objected to me buying it at the time( she has lived through my violin lessons). I guess she saw the look in my eye. Having fun with it although, just learning guitar.

Comment added on June 24, 2010
Zeljko said...

I always wanted to invest more time in playing and practicing, and I just ordered one of those guitar packs:

- The guitar is the same as the one in the video
- small amp, about 25 - 30 w rms
- guitar bag
- several picks
- guitar cable

it's about 85 euros ( ~126 USD ) the whole pack.

And my joy was even bigger when I saw Robert playing it and it sounded way better then I expected.

Comment added on November 12, 2009
james said...

Nice playing Robert, & the guitar sounds pretty damn good to me. You could be playign on Hendrix strat for all i can tell.
Amen, the guitar is probably only about 30% of the overall sound. The amp is much more important than the guitar, then the pickups, then the strings.
All these people saying you have to buy a Fender Strat & nothing comes close know very little.
The materials used are practically always the same whoever made the "strat". As youi mention, its just the quality control that will differ with the cheaper companies.
Good guitar + bad amp = bad sound.
Cheap guitar + good amp = good sound!
Keep on rocking!

I have an aria stg005, and the quality control on aria guitars tends to be very good. Made in Japan stands to reason. Not bad for £87.

Comment added on October 07, 2009
Connor said...

what site did you get this from for that price + shipping?

Comment added on June 14, 2009
Robert said...

I got this one from

Comment added on January 16, 2009
Amy said...

Where can you buy a guitar like this? i have been looking all over!

Comment added on January 16, 2009
Roy Haddock said...

There are so many guitar "snobs" out there. I'm glad that you are showing that it's the player and the skill that really count.
I've been trying to tell people that for years.
A better guitar might help a poor player a little bit, but you are such an accomplished artist that you make this cheap (inexpensive) guitar sing. With a little added electronics, this would work on any professional recording.

Comment added on September 26, 2008
Leif Wailliams said...

You're a fine player, and I like the fact that you don't repeat yourself often. Now to the guitar; it's inexpensive, and it sounds like.....a cheap guitar. Sometimes you get more than what you pay; sometimes less; here, you get exactly what you pay for...very little, and a good player can't negate that fact. Thanks for the demo-

Comment added on August 03, 2008

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