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Here's an inexpensive guitar - Fullerton Video

The Fullerton Strat copy I play here is the cheapest guitar I ever bought - $44.99. It is quite a fun little guitar though. I thought it would be a good backup guitar - and it is!

Here I am using a Zonkin' Yellow Screamer that my friend duhvoodooman built for me. I am playing through my trusty old Reverend Hellhound.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

steve said...

I have 2 of the Mosrite copies, they play great, never a problem with them.

Comment added on September 09, 2010
Donna said...

you are really ,really good. great listening, thanx

Comment added on January 17, 2010
Denis said...

Hi,i'm very impress the way you play that guitar.
Great player and thank you for your video.

Comment added on December 26, 2008
Richey Lather said...

Where can I get one for $45.00? Cheapest I saw on fleabat was 75+ 15 shipping....

Comment added on September 28, 2008
taylor said...

I got two from a $80 acoustic electric which sounded better than my $600 Alvarez,

and a $80 bass that sounds like a nice Ibanez!!!!

Comment added on July 25, 2008
Robert said...

I got it from when they had a blowout.

Comment added on July 25, 2008
Paul said...

where did you find your fullerton guitar for $44.99 ?

Comment added on July 25, 2008
Virgman said...

That guitar sounds real good and so do you.

I have a couple of those Fullerton guitars.

Comment added on April 03, 2008

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