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Richard Guitar & Tube amp tone Video

My Richard guitar through the Reverend Hellhound. Demonstrating the BOSS Blues Driver, how it gives that little extra gain without much changes to the basic tone.

This guitar was built by my friend Richard Jones, who sadly passed away in 2005.

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Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Sorry no they are gone... I don't even remember what they were anymore! I guess I was just jamming?

I still have that guitar.

Comment added on May 06, 2014
Bob said...

Hi Robert, do you still have some of the old original dolphinstreet videos that you hosted on a different site? They're not showing anymore. LOved some of the old stuff of you playing from your richard guitar and such.

Comment added on May 06, 2014
Robert said...

Hi Alan, do you mean my guitar or my amp? How loud the guitar is depends on how much I turn up my amp. The amp is loud, yes.

Comment added on September 06, 2010
alan said...

Wow! sounds great! I have one too but it doesnt sound that good, not very loud either, is yours loud?

Comment added on September 06, 2010

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