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My Blue Guitar Video

Here is my first video of my new blue guitar, the Deluxe Players Strat®. For the gainy tones, I use the Yellow Zonkin' Screamer. On the clean sounds, I use some 19 Sixty 3 clean boost. I also use a PB & J delay pedal.

Using my Reverend Hellhound with the Avatar 2 x 12 cab.

This guitar uses the Vintage Noisless pickups, and I am constantly switching back on forth on this clip, just trying different tones.

It's kinda long this one, I know. Sorry about that, but I had a 50 minute clip to work with (I just had too much fun playing...) and I cut it down to this.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

jeffbyers said...

would like to buy old neck for my large hands. I have been playing for a year.

Comment added on April 17, 2012
Posh Hippie said...

Doug your style is exactly like mine except your long runs are better thought out and felt... Thank you for giving me something to shoot for.
I am buying one of these Strats as I dig that it has all the important player needs covered and noiseless is soooo nice at gigs.
Thank you for confirming a seriously good player has one and gets along fine with it. If I never get better maybe I could play rhythm (I am good at it) and you could play the pretty and soul full lead parts, lol. See you at the party.

Comment added on May 22, 2011
maysi said...

I want to buy a
Deluxe Players Strat®
I know the body is ash
is that heavy?
how weight is that?
please guide me

Comment added on April 22, 2011
Terry said...

Smashing playing... and the sound? Rich, sweet, crunchy, woody... just wonderful, love it... what a strat should sound like... chords and single notes ooze tonal quality... off to check the bank balance.....

Comment added on July 26, 2009
Ron said...

I have a Deluxe Players strat which I like very much. My only complaint is with the slotted post on the machine heads which make changing strings a bit bothersome. Do you know if there are replacements?

Comment added on June 04, 2009
geir said...

Jesus, what a nice player, both teg guitar and the guitarplayer.
Very good demo on the Noiseless Pickups. I use them on a Clapton Strat, - I`ve changed from Lace.
Much more Strat-like than the Lace.

Comment added on May 09, 2009
geir said...

Jesus, what a nice player, both the guitar and the guitarist.
I`m using Noiseless on my Clapton Strat, - changed from Lace. Really nice pickups. Kind of dark sounding, but still Strat.

Comment added on May 08, 2009
George Shelton said...

Wow! Excellent video! I looked up the guitar on Guitar and saw it for $799. I went to my local store and purchased a last one new (floor model)for $599. less 10%. I got the sunburst with the rosewood neck. I played it through a MG marshall amp to hear how good it sounded with a inexpensive amp. It was great! I love it! Thanks.

Comment added on March 10, 2009
Strativari ;-) said...

Nice video and very helpful hints on the Deluxe Player Strat. Think this could be the Strat for me. Thanx!

Comment added on February 19, 2009
Robert said...

Hi Doug, I used a Reverend Hellhound with a Distortion pedal on that clip. You might want to try a Fender amp with an overdrive pedal? Hard to say. I set the guitar with all knobs all the way up and I often play on the neck pickup. Amp settings are to taste.

Comment added on January 08, 2009
Doug said...

I really like a lot of the sounds you achieved with this guitar in this video. I very recently bought one of these beautys and I would like to get a SRV + John Mayer Trio + Hendrix sound out of it.
I am writing to ask what settings (both on the guitar and on the amp) you used in this video and would recommend to achieve the kind of sound I am going for/something similar what you played in this video. (note: I play out of a 100 watt marshall and have no pedals to work with).
Any help appreciated...

Comment added on January 08, 2009
a-fizzle said...

wow... this is a nice guitar. I''m looking into buying one and this clip helped me hear what it sounded like with ALL different effects...
I like the 3-tone better because its moe traditional, but the blue with the new neck looks pretty hood

Comment added on May 13, 2008
Geo said...

This is a much cleaner sound than I'd thought a strat should have, but it does have balls and at times even sounds like a telecaster. It could also be a blackie as it exhibits that EC sound. Jimi sounds come easy from this guitar too. It has nice harmonic overtones and lends itself to many styles of playing as a result. Would make a great country-rock or blues instrument. The sound is very healthy indeed and makes the guitar a very versatile machine. Why buy more than 1 strat? This one seems to be capable of handling just about every kind of music. An excellent guitar I'd say!
I'm off to buy one tomorrow!

Comment added on February 02, 2008


Comment added on January 09, 2008

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