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Strat, Wah & Vibe Video

The Danelectro Chicken Salad isn't a true uni-vibe, but I dig the sounds for such a dirt cheap pedal. Here I use it with my Fender Strat, and my Fulltone Clyde Wah.

The amp here is the Reverend Hellhound, and for gain I use the Zonkin' Yellow Screamer, made by my friend DuhVoodooMan.

Lotsa fun to wank around with this guitar sound! Haha!

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Comments on this video clip:

Jim Strawser said...

Am kinda glad i bought all the Danelectro pedals that i did,and im still experimenting. Between us i think we can open our own pedal store my friend. Keep up the good work! A blues CD in your future yet??

Comment added on July 14, 2008

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