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Digitech Whammy Octave 1 up & JamMan Video

Here's a somewhat long clip of the Digitech Whammy I borrowed from a friend. I The only setting I am using here is the Octave 1 up setting. It produces as note one octave higher than what you are playing, if you push pedal down all the way. You can reach any note in between, depending on how far you push it down (hence the out of tune sounds here and there....)

I play over some on-the-fly generated loops, using the Digitech JamMan.

I am using my Reverend Hellhound, Squier Telecaster and for pedals, Boss Blues Driver and Maxon SD-9. There's a Arion MOC-1 octave pedal here and there too, and some PB & J delay.

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