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Digitech Whammy Octave 2 up Video

Here is another little wacky demo of the Digitech Whammy, this time I am fooling around with the Octave 2 up feature. It can create some strange sounds!

I play my Squier Tele on this clip, and the amp is my Reverend Hellhound. I also used a Boss Blues Driver and bit of Danelectro PB & J Delay.

I know that Tom Morello uses this effect quite a bit. Listen to "Killing In The Name Of" - his solo there is all Whammy-powered.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

It's the first Whammy model, as far as I know.

Comment added on June 24, 2009
giacomo said...

please, could you tell me what model is this? is it a whammy 1 or 4 or what else...please, i'm going to buy one of these but the 1 is very expoensive and many people says that other models have a bad sound...but i like the sound of this in the demo...


Comment added on June 24, 2009

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