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Fender Strat with Maple Neck Video

Here's a clip of my Deluxe Players Strat with the new maple neck I put on it. It's a Mexican-made neck, the same kind that is on the 60th Anniversary Strat Fender put out in 2006. Hopefully you can hear that jangly strat tone coming through here. I love this tone.

On this clip, I use my Reveren Hellhound amp with the 19 Sixty 3 clean boost pedal (I love this one) and I use a cool overdrive pedal called Zonkin' Yellow Screamer towards the end of the clip.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Micheal A Wagnon said...

I also have a Fender Player's Delux. I really love the tones it produces. Great pick'n brother

Comment added on March 06, 2010
Edwin said...

I didn't actually SEE your video, but I bet it was pretty fuckin' AWESOME! You KICK ASS, man!

Comment added on November 11, 2008
laurent said...

Hi Robert, I was looking for cool blues backtracks on google, and I found much more with your site... your playing is awesome and I'm gonna progress a lot with your lessons. I agree with Byron, the licks you play from 38sec to 1:48 are just wonderfull!

Comment added on September 27, 2008
Adam said...

Great playing Robert. I finally went out and got a Fender Strat myself - it was an itch I just had to scratch! especially after hearing the great sounds you make with it. Even I'm surprised at how much I love my new guitar....I thought I was strictly a Les Paul guy. Thanks for the inspiration!

Comment added on March 29, 2008
BYRON said...

The licks and chord you played from 38sec to 1:48 was insane!!!! Please do a instructional video on that style!!! Please!

Comment added on March 02, 2008

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