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Hand-wired 18 watt tube amp - Heatseeker Video

Here is a video clip of my new amp, the hand-wired 18 watt tube amp called Heatseeker, by Mack Amps.

This is the first I played the amp, and I'm only using my Fender Strat, Lava guitar cable, the Heatseeker and my Avatar 2 x 12 cabinet with Eminence Wizard speakers. No pedals used - I wanted to demonstrate what the amp sounds like with a single coil guitar with no effects added.

I am very happy with the tones this amp produces. It doesn't have a lot of gain, but that is perfect for me. It gives me that sweet tube saturated, dynamic tone, which I then can tailor to taste by using pedals. Rolling off the volume knob a bit works well for cleaning up the slightly dirty tone, and digging in hard on the strings gives me more volume and distortion. Perfect!

If you are in search for a quality tube amp, check out the Heatseeker by Mack Amps - it is fairly inexpensive compared to many boutique amps, but it delivers in tone.

Here is a video clip of this amp where I use my
» Squier Telecaster with the Heatseeker. I think the tone is simply awesome. What do you think?

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Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Hi, I have not tried any other Mack amps YET, but I have the new GEM amp being delivered in a few days from now.

Comment added on October 22, 2009
Ki said...

Hey thanks for this.Great playing and by far the best tone you've recorded.I want one of these amps but i may go with the higher watt version.Did you try any other Mack amps?

Comment added on October 22, 2009

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