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Tweed 410 - Fender Bassman Video

The Vox AD50VT has a model called Tweed 410. It is an imitation of the famous Fender Bassman amp. The Vox does a good job of this. In fact, this amp model is the one I use the most of all amp models on this amp.

I have found that this model works especially well with external pedals. This amp doesn't necessarily need pedals, but if you want to use it that way, it works quite well. I have used the amp this way many times at live gigs, with great results.

I found this amp model to cut through really well in a band setting. My other tube amp had trouble being heard clearly when I played a country gig, so I switched to the Vox Valvetronix and wowsa - my notes stuck out like sore thumb (in a good way)!

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Dave, on this clip, I'm just using a bit of reverb as the effect. I keep the eq around 12 o'clock for all 3 knobs, and keep the gain low enough so it doesn't distort too much. Just use common sense.

Comment added on February 09, 2008
Dave D said...

I always enjoy your videos, and especially your playing lessons - always stealing your licks and good ideas about sounds for my own Valvetronix amp.


One suggestion - in addition to the amp model settings, could you briefly highlight some the other amp settings/effects that you used to get your sound?

Comment added on February 09, 2008
Mark said...

Robert the sound as usual is outstanding on all you sent however the videos do not show up,the Ads Do on Black.can see your shadow in the background playing though,all in all great souinds just no video shows up.
keep up the great playing hope all is well. Mark

Comment added on February 08, 2008
Robert said...

Thanks Todd!
I have heard about that pedal, yes. However, I just bought a Boss DD-20, a really cool pedal. I am having fun with it.
You'll have to tell me all about that pedal once you get it!

Comment added on February 08, 2008
Todd said...

Sounds great, Robert. Have you heard about the new Dunlop/MXR Carbon Copy? It's an analog delay pedal w/600ms of time and selectable modulation on the repeats. I am super excited about it - especially since it has a footprint matching that of the std MXR stuff, not to mention many others. They're not supposed to be available 'til Mar/Apr, so I'm waiting w/baited breath.

Hope all is well with you.


Comment added on February 07, 2008

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