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Telecaster & Vox Valvetronix clean Video

Squier Tele through my Vox AD50VT. Just a little bit of reverb with a very clean sound. I think the tone on this clip is very nice. It shows that a stock, cheap Squier can sound very good. A Squier Telecaster is not necessarily a bad guitar!

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Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

Hi Sam, I had the amp on the Tweed 410 setting I think. I set the eq knobs around 12 o'clock.


Comment added on June 14, 2010
Sam said...

hey do you know what the settings you are using on you amp. im trying to good twangy setting for clean solos. also using a vt with a fender tele

Comment added on June 13, 2010
Wayne said...

I stumbled upon your site by accident. Your vids are great and I like your playing style. I was interested in the Squier Tele and a guy at work who plays has been talking me out of getting one. He says I'd be better off getting a used American or MIM tele. I'm not sure. I prefer something new. Anyway, your vid is reassuring me that I'll go with the Squier.

Comment added on November 25, 2009
Robert said...

Thanks, I used stock pickups on this video.

Comment added on August 18, 2009
joey triviani said...

thats great i would realy love to hear a jazz vidio if your up to making one. O and on the squire that you are playing didyou replace the pickups if so what didyou put on

Comment added on August 18, 2009
Raider Eddie said...

I use the Peavey Generation EX, which is a tele-style guitar with vintage single coil pick ups through this amp and man it sounds GOOD!

Comment added on April 24, 2009
Jerry A. said...

Very nice sound, from stock guitar and Vox amp. Recently purchased the Vintage Blonde model and they are nice guitars for the money. I agree, the bridge p-up can be a little shrill, but with the tone control rolled back, sounds very nice.
Really like your vids, and your reviews of various instruments.

Comment added on February 26, 2009
Adam Lunt said...

I saw your review of this Tele' and literally within the net hour or so I had bought one in Antiqueburst ... and you're right about the input jack . Can you recommend a replacement jack ?

Comment added on February 09, 2008

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