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Vox AC 30 Video

Here's my Vox Valvetronix imitating the legendary Vox AC 30 Top Boost. This amp model has lot of jangle and grit. It can have an aggressive sound without sounding like metal.

This amp model is one of my favourites in this amp. It has great "feel" - I think it's a very versatile sound with lots of sparkly tones.

Just be careful and not turn up the gain too much, or it sound a little over the top. I also notice that string rattle is more noticeable with this model, so keep the string action high or play softer.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

p fletcher said...

could you please tell me a few good settings for my valvetronix AC30 for jazz and blues

Thanks a million

Comment added on April 29, 2008
Mark said...

Robert,did the flash player,it is still the same,very odd player says successfully downloaded yet looking at the video nothing has changed. Mark

Comment added on February 08, 2008
Fred said...

OMG this is great, what a sound what is the price for the Vox Valvetronix.
I have a Marshall, shall we trade :)))))

Comment added on February 08, 2008

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