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Vox UK '80s Video

The Vox Valvetronix UK '80s model is modeled after a Marshall JCM 800 and it sounds quite accurate. It's a fun amp model to play with. It's not over the top of kind of gain, but still fairly hairy distortion. I do think this model sounds better with a Les Paul type of guitar, but I don't have one of those yet...

This amp model works well for rock guitar tones. I've used this amp model for playing for play 70s and 80s rock songs live - worked great.

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Comments on this video clip:

igobebor said...

Hi Robert, I loved your web site.
I own the AD50VT for about 1 year and it not sound like this, it's more noisy, especially with UK's and Hi-gain sets. I'd like to know the configuration you use to obtain that awesome sounds.
Thanks, greetings from Chile (South America)

Comment added on July 29, 2008
Adam said...

Hi Robert..... I just bought the AD50VT, using it with my Epiphone LP... I love your website, keep the great videos coming !

Comment added on March 07, 2008
mladen said...

Hey Robert! What song is that you're playing at the beginning of this video?

By the way, I use this model too and it works great with my Epiphone SG.

Comment added on February 22, 2008

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