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Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz Video

Here is the Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz. I like this pedal a lot. It has fat sound and is quite different from my Das Fuzz, which is more of a Fuzz Face pedal. The Cool Cat Fuzz is a bit different. It has a more wooly, cotton-like tone. It also cleans up quite nicely, and the pedal is a lot of fun to play. I prefer having a bit of distortion added after it, because fuzz to me should be fat, rich, gainy and fuzzy!

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Comments on this video clip:

Mick said...

This is one great and inexpensive pedal for sure.

But then you make sound almost anything insanely great, Robert!

Bought my Dano C.C. Fuzz (ridiculously cheap second-hand) after watching your demo.

Keep it up! And thanks for the demo.

Comment added on February 02, 2010
Kevin Murphy said...

I bought the Cool cat fuzz vibe and silver overdrive I really like all 3
the fuzz and vibe give me instant hendrix!

Comment added on June 07, 2009
moose said...

where can i buy one of these?

Comment added on August 27, 2008
Enrique said...

Yeah, it is great!!!!

Comment added on July 09, 2008
Fred said...

What a sustain, great stuff I love it.
I have now a tele G&l guitar, with the Cool Cat Fuzz it is a perfect set I think.
Thanks Robert.

Comment added on July 09, 2008
Gary L Green said...

Thank you for this. I've pretty much got my set up with both the Line 6 Pod XT Live and Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 but still... that sounds sweet.

Comment added on July 09, 2008
Lance said...

great sound robert. I may look into getting one

Comment added on July 08, 2008
Vihar said...

That a cheap pedal can sound incredibly good - especially in the hands of an experienced player - is not a surprise to me, but yeah... beautiful textures there, man. Hat's off!

Comment added on July 06, 2008
Todd said...

Great! I've been waiting for you to demo some of these - sounds great, Robert!

Comment added on July 05, 2008

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