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Danelectro Cool Cat Drive Video

Here is little clip of my new Cool Cat Drive pedal. Only other effect used here is my Lexicon LXP-1 reverb.

I dig this Cool Cat Drive. It has a smooth but fairly bright tone, at least with my single coil guitars. It doesn't sound quite like a tubescreamer - the mids are much more restricted. It's a great little overall gain pedal, and it would work in many different settings (but definitely not metal).

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Robert said...

It's a duct taped Squire! It's a really good one too.

Comment added on May 29, 2009
Stefan said...

Hey, very nice playing and tone! What guitar are you using, does not say Fender on the head?


Comment added on May 29, 2009
Alex Rosenthal said...

as usual - I have no idea if thats a good pedal or not because you make every freaking thing you pay sound great!!!! seems like you instinctively know how to set things to their most expressive/warm tone/level/gain. you make me nuts! lol such a pleasure just to watch and listen. thanks : )

Comment added on February 26, 2009
Robert said...

Oh yeah, the DD-20. I should really do a video demo, yes. I just need to find some time. I'll do it!

Comment added on August 08, 2008
Enrique said...

Hey Robert!

Could you do a demo video of your BOSS DD-20 for us?

Comment added on August 08, 2008
soji Telvic said...

I what musical sheets that can enhance my lesson of guitar

Comment added on August 08, 2008
Thomas Roetsch said...

Great and Thanks!
Its a powerful and cool demonstration and a real pleasure to watch / listen to.
It would be great, if you could provide some tabs of the licks you were playing. Again,it was phantastic!

Best regards


Comment added on July 14, 2008
Bob D said...

Hey Robert!
VERY cool pedal demo. I wish I could play THAT well. But, my only suggestion would be to show us a closeup of the actual pedal. I may have to get one of these.

Comment added on July 11, 2008
Craig Fish said...

Wow, great demo. Fantastic blues tones.

Comment added on July 08, 2008
Robert said...

Thanks Sue! I'll try and show some of those Renman licks one day! (I probably just stole them from some more famous guitar players...)

Comment added on July 08, 2008
Sue said...

Hey Robert--that pedal sounds great!! But I was wondering about those cool, more complex blues licks you're executing. . .can you post a few more licks like that in your guitar video lessons? Thanks!!! Congratulations on your run time!


Comment added on July 08, 2008

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