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Vox Boutique Overdrive and Strat Video

Using my Vox AD50VT with a Fender Deluxe Players Strat (excuse the clams). I really like this amp model. It's got plenty of sweet, usable gain.

The only effect used on this clip is some delay from the amp. No pedals used here.

I'll make more clips of my other favorite model, the UK70 (Marshall).

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Todd said...

Holy Crap! Great tone, Robert - and a VERY hip lick @~0:51 into the vid. I always dig your playing.

Comment added on October 26, 2008
Richey Lather said...

Damn man! I have that amp (in pieces cause I took the speaker out to put in my Crate V18, plus the internal speaker out stopped working, but anyway) I always liked the Boutique clean and OD patches. You really make 'em smoke though! That's a MIM strat yes?

Comment added on September 28, 2008
joey veeee said...

picked up a guitar 2 years ago, and, i can't put it down. i still have alot to learn but you been a great help. thanks robert regards joey veeeeeee

Comment added on September 26, 2008
Steven P. Loftis said...

Thanks Robert, whats the best blues tone setting you can get out of it?

Comment added on September 26, 2008
Bri Morris said...

For not a lot of bucks these amps rock, I bought one after viewing one of your reviews, keep it up Robert.

Comment added on September 25, 2008
Jim Strawser said...

Another super video Robert. Ive got to many amps for my small office but based on your lessonsand my new friend, Gino from Washinton State, who used to play with Chuck Berry,Im sure to get better soon!! Jimbo from Montana

Comment added on September 25, 2008
mahyunis said...

you very2 good. I like you, bicause you can mike and play the Guitar. I hope you give me Information to continiu...Oce Boss

Comment added on September 25, 2008
Kay Kastum said...

Now I really want to add another amp in my room!!!

Comment added on September 25, 2008
Sean Burgess said...

Sounds great... I recently bought a Vox Tonelab LE and I love the classic vibe it has. Vox knows their stuff when it comes to classic tone - unlike most other amps/pedals that seem to be following the high-gain trend.

Comment added on September 25, 2008
Jeff Suter said...

Great clip as always Robert... I bought my Vox based on your earlier clips of this amp, and it has served me well beyond what I thought it would be caple of.

Comment added on September 25, 2008

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