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Marshall Plexi? Video

Not really, just the Vox Valvetronix on the UK70s model. I could get more gain out of it, but I was trying for a semi-clean Marshall Plexi tone. Guitar used was a Fender Deluxe Players Strat. Only a little bit of amp reverb was used for effects.

I like this amp tone a lot. It's quite round and juicy, without that top end that some of the Valvetronix models have. Do you like this tone?

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Daniel said...

Hey robert its a great vid it sounds very melodic i would love it if you could give a lesson on begginig part of this video.

Comment added on December 24, 2008
Lou said...

Hey Robert
I like that amp and it reminds me of my crate 18 tube amp
great sounds keep rockin

Comment added on September 27, 2008
Mark said...

Sounded Good Robert.looked like a good time was had too,
keep them coming champ.
Mark aka player

Comment added on September 26, 2008
Steven P. Loftis said...

Robert, the little 3-4 chord thing at the very begining sounds very cool, what chords are you using?


Comment added on September 26, 2008
Peter said...

dunno what it is but the sound on this clip sounds really "warbling" – like a real low quality mp3. maybe to much compression in the settings for the video sound?
it's just too bad because you have to guess what the real sound is that YOU heard (or rather produced). so far most of your other videos seemed to better in this respect (though not all).

Comment added on September 26, 2008

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