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Squier '51 Pickup Video

Demonstrating the pickups on my Squier '51, including the coil split function. Using my Vox AD50VT set to the Blackface 2x12 - Bass, Mid, Treble all at 1 o'clock, volume and master volume cranked; gain at 1 o'clock. Overall output is controlled the power level knob at the back. Only effect used is the amp's reverb.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

chris stevenson said...

This guy's sound is the same no matter what pickup configuration he uses. One trick pony.

Comment added on March 06, 2012
Rafa said...

Telecaster sound, a squier tele in a squier strat body.

Comment added on October 06, 2009
sipho said...

free jazz guitar tab and video tutorial

Comment added on June 23, 2009
The Dude said...

Hey i got a squier 51 myself and i want to get some fuzzy sounds kinda like some early zz top billy gibbons style or some early black keys sounds.
Anyone know of a fuzz pedal that sounds good with a squier 51

Comment added on April 19, 2009
Cal said...

Very impressed Robert. I have the Squier 51 and the Vox50 and it doesn't sound like that when I play.
Thanks and Keep up the great site.
Keep the little one interested in music to enjoy for a lifetime.
God bless,

Comment added on February 18, 2009
Jewe said...

Dear sir,
i got your lessons.It is a nice way to give everyone every lessons with very comfortable & nicely.
I wish you, longlive and also longlive your this site.

Comment added on December 27, 2008
Dan Herron said...

thank you for some of the licks I was able to do .
Playing for 15 years and still stink.
love to play though. ps thanks for the web site

Comment added on September 30, 2008
Robert said...

Not sure what the problem is? Tell me more.

Comment added on March 19, 2008
Kurt said...

Great playing. Been visiting your site now and then for some time. I got a Squire 51 because of you and love it. Talk about bang for the buck!
Just wanted to mention the text under the video screen on your site is cut off. Didn't used to be like that. Any suggestions?

Comment added on March 18, 2008
andrew said...

what a good musik you have there
que buena musica tienes la mejor de la mejor now i know how to use the guitar better

Comment added on February 19, 2008
mw76 said...

Sounds really nice!! :)
Now I really want get my own '51 !
Any chance you'll post a video featuring the distortion sounds (all variations) of the '51?

Comment added on February 11, 2008

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