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Suhr Classic Video

Here's my Suhr Classic I just got. It is one fabulous guitar. I have always wanted a Suhr guitar, since I have heard so much about the goodness about these guitars. Well, I'm here to tell ya it is one great sounding guitar. I plays like a dream too - easy to play all over the neck, it stays in tune really good and the pickups are killer sounding.

It has an Olympic White colour, Suhr V60 LP pickups, Gotoh 1088 bridge with Callaham block, Sperzel locking tuners, 10-14" compound radius maple neck with rosewood fretboard.

You can expect many more videos and clips with my new baby and I! My other guitars might just collect dust for a while.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Texmex said...

Congratiolations. Great Guitar! Hope to see more videos of you and your new axe.

Comment added on December 09, 2008
Thomas L. Boise said...

HI Robert, Thanks for the great demo on the suhr , it is my next guitar fantasy.. Keep up the good work,,,, Tom Boise

Comment added on December 08, 2008
Jim Strawser said...

awesome tone Robert, keep up the good work and boogie down!

Comment added on December 04, 2008
moose said...

ur are actually awesome! my target is to get as good as u. should take me a while though

Comment added on December 04, 2008
Scotty Gray said...

That is a "Killer".. and a really fantistic Demo! That sound is top notch. How about some vids compareing the Suhr with your other Gitfiddles.

Comment added on December 03, 2008
Bruce said...

We've lost him, he'll never post again ... all he's gonna do from here on out is play that Suhr! That guitar is too cool, sound & look-wise - I love "Jimmy Vaughn White" Strats!

Comment added on December 03, 2008
Stefan said...

Hey Robert, the guitar sounds great! and again you´re an awsome stringbender with bunch of feel and excellent tone.

Comment added on December 03, 2008
Russell Adkins said...

sounds good Robert

Comment added on December 02, 2008
martin kilner said...

Sounds awesome Robert!...a little Hendrix,Stevie Ray and Morse there!..Very nice, look forward to more clips over xmas! :O)

Comment added on December 02, 2008
robert norsworthy said...

Those pickups, do sound great, I have an 89 USA strat plus, that I replaced the lace sensors W/ duncan JB jr's, Bad mistake. the pups in your guitar sound like a strat should. I disposed of the lace sensors or I would have put them back in. cheers, have a great evening.

Comment added on December 02, 2008

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