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Danelectro Cool Cat Distortion Demo Video

The Cool Cat Distortion is a nice distortion pedal by Danelectro. I really like the tone, because it's sound is clear and it's versatile enough to fit into the music I play. That means I can get rock and blues tone out of it, and it works well with my Suhr Classic. It works well with another gain pedal too, if you are into double pleasure. It's not very noisy either. I roll off the volume knob a bit and it cleans up very nicely.

All Cool Cat pedals have a sturdy metal casing, relatively small foot print, and they are true bypass. They won't suck tone like the older Danelectro pedals did.

I say this is a keeper.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Rob C said...

Just did my first show with the CD-1 and it was amazing! Very clear and still brought the thunder. My set up is a strat with JB jr in the bridge into the CD-1 into an old Fender 75. I think I have all the Dano pedals now.

Comment added on November 16, 2010
Robert said...

Yes, underdog, the Cool Cat would work fine with that amp, I think.

Comment added on March 10, 2010
underdog said...

i just got a new traynor ycv40wr that i think your familar with and not getting into the overdrive channel to much, do u think the cool cat distortion would work well with this amp?

Comment added on March 10, 2010
Robert Fenech said...

Thanks for the demonstration. I just received the Cool Cat CD-1. Regards from Malta.

Comment added on October 31, 2009
Anthony Davies said...

Looks a great pedal!! I've got two of these Cool Cat distortions coming thanks to UK Magazine subscriptions. I already have a ProCO Rat2 which I love. Is it worth keeping all 3 distortion pedals?!!!

Comment added on October 08, 2009
Robert Renman said...

Yes, it's the RC Booster, Scott Henderson Signature Edition. I love it!

Comment added on June 09, 2009
Scott Smith said...

Is that an Exotic RC Booster? How do you like that pedal?

Comment added on June 09, 2009

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