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Michael Kelly Patriot Shadow Video

Here is a clip using the Michael Kelly Patriot Shadow through a Marshall JVM410H. I playing over a backing track from the Guitar Idol website. Even though my playing sucks a bit here, I decided to enter Guitar Idol anyway, just for fun. I did not get anywhere with that...

This competition is probably more for shredders than for the style I play.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

gordon "gordo"robinson said...

Hey robert,what's up? love your video,sweet playin'!Just bought a michael kelly patriot vintage the other day, love it!I'm not a 'les paul' guy(necks too fat!)plays like a dream!coil taps are nice too! Keep playin' bro! Later!

Comment added on December 04, 2009
Daniel said...

What? You said you think your playing sucks in this video? I wish I could play like this! I would give my left testicle to play like this. This website is awesome, and your playing is consistenly exceptional.

Comment added on March 02, 2009
Carl said...

Hey Robert, I really like that song you are playing and would like to download it. I am wondering if you are planning to put it in your regular videos so it can be downloaded? Thanks, BT

Comment added on February 27, 2009

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