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Marshall JVM Video

This time with a Michael Kelly Patriot Shadow guitar with hot humbuckers. For this clip, I used Clean channel with green/orange/red modes, then Crunch channel with green/orange/modes, then OD1 on green and orange modes. After that, I had to go... :)

I highly recommend this amp if you want a powerful, versatile tube head. Musician's Friend has them.

Marshall JVM Series JVM410H Tube Amp Head
Marshall JVM Series JVM410H Tube Amp Head

Speaker cabinet used is the Avatar 2x12 with Eminence Wizards. No pedals used, just a bit of amp reverb. Master volume is set 1.2 - it goes to 10!

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anucha seesompong said...

good good

Comment added on October 24, 2009
anucha seesompong said...


Comment added on October 24, 2009

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