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Danelectro Transparent Overdrive Video

There is a lot of talk right now on guitar forums about the Transparent Overdrive from Danelectro. Apparently, the circuit design is extremely similar to a pedal called Tim, made by Paul C. In fact, it is so similar that Danelectro has stated they are changing the design so to not conflict with Paul's design. All this means everyone and their dog are talking about this pedal. As you can imagine, that made me interested too...

So, I ordered a Transparent Overdrive and here is a demo for you. My thoughts are that it is a very nice pedal (click on the video to go youtube and see it in High Definition). It has a nice and smooth overdrive, and works very well for that "just little breakup"-tone, you know, just a little grit added to the signal. Works wonders with a tube amp. It has plenty of volume boost too, so you can use it for leads with great results. Me verdict is - it's a keeper. Very nice tone and the pedal is inexpensive. If Danelectro is discontinuing this pedal as it is currently designed, better get one quick before they are all gone! I had to wait quite a while to get mine.

Get the Transparent Overdrive from Musician's Friend

Danelectro Cool Cat Series CTO-1 Transparent Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
Danelectro Cool Cat Series CTO-1 Transparent Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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Comments on this video clip:

Ric Eagles said...

Hi Robert,
Never mind the pedal,what you are playing is awesome!Can you TAB it with a DVD????

Comment added on March 25, 2009
Larry Martin said...

Rob, this is so funny. I decided to buy the cool cat distortion based on your fine video review, but added the Transparent OD on a whim, since they are fairly cheap.
Well I like the cool cat, but LOVE the Transparent OD, and have used it on several gigs already! I wouldnt call it truly transparent, however. I think it adds just abit of girth to the sound. Gives me more up front presence, even with minimum distortion. At any rate, it's my favorite pedal (for now).
Thank you for introducing these pedals to you community.

Comment added on March 24, 2009

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