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Octafuzzy Demo Video

Here is a cool Octafuzz pedal called Octafuzzy, made by my friend Bob at I really dig this one. Contact him if you want one. It's based on the famous Tychobrahe Octavia pedal. Amp used is my Heatseeker from and the guitar is a Suhr Classic - see

I have a Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octave Fuzz too, but it has some issues with the input jacks. This Octafuzzy is better, and easier to use, because it's fairly subtle, if you can say that about an Octavia pedal. It works great with the volume knob - roll off the volume knob and you get an almost ring modulator type of tone. Way fun to play with!

When the octave switch is not engaged, it works like a fuzz pedal.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

mado said...

Cool fuzz!
Check out this handmade octa fuzz, from my friend, it's also a great octa fuzz! I look forward to hear your opinion!

Cheers from Hungary :)

Comment added on June 14, 2009

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