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Best Tubescreamer - Zonkin' Yellow Screamer Video

Here is a GREAT tubescreamer! I was using a Reverend Hellhound 40/60 watt tube combo and a Michael Kelly Patriot Shadow. The pedal was set to Silicon clipping only during this video, which is the stock TS808 style. There is also a MOSFET clipping mode and a Lift setting, which means no clipping.

Read the details about this pedal in the Zonkin' Yellow Screamer PDF.

Contact the maker of this pedal at DuhVoodooMan's home page.

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Comments on this video clip:

michael lomax said...

u r a gifted player, is that stap big enough

Comment added on September 17, 2009
Robert said...

Thanks, I really appreciate the support! Glad you like my stuff.

Comment added on August 05, 2009
rusty said...

Dude, You always make my day with your site. What I dig about you is the true form you always display. You are a outstanding player that shines even on the clean and raw output. You inspire many with your talents that exceed bells and buttons that so many depend on. I'm not sure how you can help me or I can help you continue on our paths but I'd like to connect a little deeper. so many of your followers seem to speak of tommrow to support. That may never come. Sincerly, Rusty

Comment added on August 05, 2009
Edward Owen said...

Robert I aprreciate all your videos thyey arevery informaitive. I found you by typing in the Fender squire 51 some months back and the riffs you did demonstrating the guitar was to me phenomenal, so I kept coming back to hear more and see more demos. you do a great job.

Ill be buying your DVDs soon. are they a more compleste version or are they the same as what is alrealdy on yoursite?

Thanks, and if your ever in Boise Idaho, look me up I ll put you up and buy your dinner...

Ed Owen

Comment added on July 27, 2009

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