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Tubescreamer Zonkin' Yellow Screamer with Suhr guitar Video

This tubescreamer is my favourite. Here I was using a Reverend Hellhound 40/60 watt tube combo and a Suhr Classic. The pedal was set to Silicon clipping only during this video, which is the stock TS808 style. There is also a MOSFET clipping mode and a Lift setting, which means no clipping.

At the end of the video, I am also showing how well the boost feature works without the overdrive being engaged.

Read the details about this pedal in the Zonkin' Yellow Screamer PDF.

Contact the maker of this pedal at DuhVoodooMan's home page.

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Comments on this video clip:

Sean said...

Hi Robert, your vids are truly inspirational.
I have only been playing guitar seriously for a year, but your videos have helped skyrocket my playing in such a short time!
Just one thing... I am a total pedal/amp/fx novice, and I would be much appreciated if you any pedals that give a lush, bassy tone, for blues or metal.
My gear is fender squier w/ frontman 15g amp
All the best from ireland!

Comment added on November 16, 2009

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