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Best Shred Guitar Video

Anthem WTR30

The Anthem WTR30 is a great shred guitar. I don't play style that often, but when I do, I grab this baby. It sounds great for fat, distorted tones. With a Marshall, I get that early Van Halen tone that we all love.

If you are looking for the best shred guitar, have a look at the Anthem WTR30 - it is a great guitar, stays in tune, easy to play, and the price is right. You can get one of these for under 500 bucks!

  • Neck radius: 17"
  • Scale length: 25.5"
  • The bridge system is Floyd Rose Special. It is a real Floyd, but it is manufactured in Korea. Unlike a lot of the licensed Floyds, it can use Floyd Rose replacement parts.
  • Zebra-style high output pickups

See Anthem Guitars for more information.

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Comments on this video clip:

toon said...

teak you

Comment added on October 25, 2009
anthony said...

You ROCK!!! \m/

Comment added on September 20, 2009
Steve said...

I play a lefty Strat, which I'll never outgrow or think I need something different. Robert's demo of the Anthem was great, but hearing it through my computer doesn't do it justice. The dude's got serious east to west neck knowledge.

Comment added on September 08, 2009
ed said...

Robert, We're not wothy!

Comment added on September 07, 2009

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