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Cool Cat Vibe Video

The Cool Cat Vibe is Danelectro's answer to a univibe pedal. As with all the Cool Cats, it's fairly inexpensive and well built. I like this pedal, and I prett much always have it on my pedal board. There are two issues with it, however. First, this pedal provides a slight increase in volume. I have tried to show this in the video. For me, it's usually not a big deal, as the volume boost isn't that dramatic. The second issue is that it takes a second or so, before the effect kicks in. This can be a bit annoying if you want to add in a cool warbly effect just at a certain point in a song. It might then come too late in the song and you get annoyed as a result. Again, not a big deal for me, as I usually sneak in the Vibe just before the chorus or verse of a song.

I have also used the Chicken Salad pedal earlier, and it is pretty cool too. I found it changed my overall tone a bit when the pedal was off, and I don't notice this with the Cool Cat Vibe. Another useful thing with this one is the mix knob. I think that is a very, very useful knob, and in the demo, I tried to show this too. Blending the clean with the effected signal gives you the ability to go subtle or over the top in an easy way. I say way to go, Cool Cat Vibe!

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