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Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive Video

I love this pedal for bluesy and gritty tones. Despite the name, it's not completely transparent, but who cares when it has such a nice tone! This is probably my favorite dirt pedal by Danelectro.

It also has a massive volume boost. I tried to give an idea about this on the video, although it is difficult to "show" how loud it actually gets.

With my single coil guitars, I get some very sweet tone with the Transparent Overdrive. Or what do you think? It sounds wickedly good with my Telecaster too. Perfect for that gritty, nastier country rock stuff, but it cleans up real well too when you roll off the volume knob a bit. Versatile!

On this clip, I am using my Suhr Classic through my Mack Heatseeker 18 watt EL-84 amp. Cabinet is the usual Avatar 2x12 with Eminence Wizards.

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Comments on this video clip:

Larry said...


My original CTO-1 Transparent OD broke down, so I ordered a new one, (the V2 CTO-2), and am Very dissappointed. It sounds very sterile to me. The nice chewy character is gone.
Any ideas for getting the original fixed? The problem seems to be with the concentric tone control. The sound gets all staticy, and as you turn the control, it sounds like popcorn popping. I may try switching the the tone pot from the new one to the old one, but I may ruin them both!


Comment added on July 07, 2011
anucha seesompong said...


Comment added on October 24, 2009

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