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TT Amplification Woodstock Amp Video

This is is a great low wattage amp built by TT Amplification. It is 5 - 7.5 watts strong, and delivers some might fine tones at reasonable volumes.

The amp demos here were done with a Suhr Classic and I used a range of different gain pedals, all referenced in the videos.

One video features a 1x10 open back cabinet with an Eminence Ragin Cajun (built by The other video features a 2x12 Avatar closed back cabinet with Eminence Wizards.

Comment on this?

Comments on this video clip:

Tube lover said...

Did you ever price the NOVA 1000 carrying bags? They are a high priced bag for camera equipment and $85.99 is less than wholesale....I purchased one of these amps and the quality is superb, hand wired pt. to pt., love the tone with single coils and a 1X12 with an EVM-12L in a MESA Thiel cabinet. It should last forever. At $499 for a VOX Night Train I will take the Woodstock any day over a made in the Far East, PC board amp, with mass produced cabinets and inexpensive components. By the way, I know the owner and builder very well, where did you "try one" of the Woodstock amps? As far as I know there are no 'loaner' amps out there and all the sales are on line......

Comment added on March 21, 2010
Robert said...

I used my Suhr Classic, which has Suhr V60LP pickups, my favorite single coils by far.

Comment added on January 11, 2010
Pete Woj said...

i love the tone you've got going here. which strat are you playing and which pups are you using? are they the 54' custom shops? i was thinking about getting a set. i've been a faithful Lollar player and i'm looking for some warmer sounding strat pups with less output than my Lollars.

Comment added on January 11, 2010
GE1 said...

Great sounding amp! Tried one with a 2x12 closed back cab with a couple of Celestion 12M "Greenbacks". I just think it's a tad overpriced! Especially when you have to pay extra for the carrying case. $85.99 extra! Come on!

Comment added on November 30, 2009

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