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Blues guitar solo in C Video

Here is an improvised blues solo over a C blues. I used the Mack GEM amp in 0.4 watt mode (turned way down!), and a Rabid Rodent pedal by my friend at, and I also used a Boss DD-20 for delay. The Rabid Rodent is a great pedal for thick, solid distortion, and it worked for this purpose. Highly recommended distortion pedal.

This was recorded at speaking volume, so you can hear for yourself that with the Mack GEM, you can get great tone at low volume. There is no need to turn everything to 11 in order to get tone. Some amps sound much better when pushed hard, but it is not necessary for all amps, so take such "myths" with a grain of salt. I think this tone is really good and it is as such a low volume, I didn't expect to be this good!

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Comments on this video clip:

john said...

Now that's what a good instrumental is sposed to sound like. Total package, I enjoyed it

Comment added on December 23, 2012

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