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October 08, 2010

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

I have always been an electric guitar player, first and foremost. I do have acoustic guitars, but I have never really gotten into playing acoustic guitar for any length of time.

My fingerpicking technique has been so-so for a long time, and my abilities to play delta blues and ragtime have been pretty limited.

Now I have found a great source for helping me with this. It's a video tuition course called Texas To Delta Video Course, consisting of twenty-three lessons covering many standard keys, delta blues, texas blues, ragtime blues, open D picking
and open G bottleneck styles. This is awesome.

Just check out this video below. Great angles, and tab included in the video. Best of all, it's great, old school acoustic blues! I love this stuff.

This course is helping me tremendously with technique and chording. It's also very, very inspirational. I have always wanted to play this style, and until now, I haven't really known where to begin.

Are you interested in learning to play ragtime and delta blues, finger-picking style? If so, you need to get this. It's really worth the cost.

Go check this out, I think you will have loads of fun with this! Here is the link again
-->> Jim Bruce Ragtime & Blues Guitar Picking Course

This course is easy to follow, and the songs are great! I love it.

One more thing - I have gotten a special from Jim! I want to share this with you.

A special gift!

Jim kindly offered a free gift to my subscribers. So here you go - this is a lesson sample from the course. Check it out! Then you will know what to expect from this course.

I don't know if you are into this kind of music, but I know I am digging this. It's hard for me initially, but I am getting better at it every day. It's mostly my right hand (and the coordination with right and left) that has me struggling, but it's like anything - keep practicing, and you'll get better at it.

Have fun with the Delta Blues and the Rag Time style of blues!

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on October 08, 2010

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