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August 10, 2009

Anthem Guitars

NOTE - Anthem Guitars are no longer in business

This post was created while they were still IN business....

Anthem make really nice and affordable guitars

New guitar day! In my hands, I have a black Anthem WTR30TBK guitar, a high gain shredder guitar with 24 Frets, floyd rose tremolo, zebra style humbuckers and jumbo frets. It even came with a cable, nice strap and strings as well. The body is made out of basswood, and it has a 3 Piece Bolt-on Canadian Maple Neck. The scale length is 25.5 inches. It is a joy to play! I am very picky about guitar necks, and this one is really, really nice. It has a flat but solid 17" radius; it is very easy to play fast lines on it, while at the same time it is not annoyingly superthin either. I really like this neck.

I plugged in this guitar into my Marshall JVM410H and set up a high gain tone. Wow. The pickup must be good, because it sounded FAT! I will produce some video demos of this guitar, but my first impression is that this guitar sounds very good. It is light weight, and it looks really cool. I have the Transparent Black, but it also comes in a Metallic Platinum.

This is not a complete review, as I have yet to set up the Floyd Rose and play the guitar through several amps. I can tell you though, that a high gain amp like my Marshall and this Anthem guitar are one fine match. What a fat and rich tone!

Anthem Guitars are relatively new on the guitar scene. What they are doing, is making quality guitars similar in pricing to Mexican Fenders, Epiphone, etc. They are made in China, and the first impression when I picked this up was, wow. Very nice quality for a Chinese guitar. In fact, this guitar is similar to Ibanez, Michael Kelly or Schecters, but I feel the this Anthem guitar is built with the attention to quality and detail than many of the competitors lack. You won't find any any sharp fret edges or crackling pots, etc., something I find far too often when I try guitars in this price range at music stores.

Most of the Anthem guitars are in the price range of $500 - $600. If this WTR30TBK is any indication, I think Anthem guitars have a good future ahead of them, because of the quality you get for this price. If you see an Anthem guitar in a store, grab it and see what you think. I suspect you might pleasantly surprised.

I also have my eye on the PST20, which is more of a Les Paul design, and it comes in pretty and colorful finishes.

NOTE - Anthem Guitars are no longer in business

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on August 10, 2009

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