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March 21, 2008

Pub jam at Uncle B's

Last night, I went to the local jam Uncle B's here in Camrose with my Fender Strat and my 18 watt Heatseeker. It was fun to get out and play some music. Myra and my buddy Dean are hosting the jams here on Thursday. If you are in the neighbourhood, come out here on Thursday and jam with us!

I like to try new pedals and gear when I go to jam sessions. Last night, I used my Fulltone Wah and my Das Fuzz. Got some decent tones, but I'm not quite happy with my distorted tones yet. I need to experiment a bit more. My Maxon SD-9 is my chosen dirt pedal, but through this rig, it seems to sound best with not so much gain added. My fuzz pedal is not always easy to mix in with other pedals. When it works, it sounds fabulous, but sometimes it doesn't like its environment. Maybe it's those germanium transistors that are upset...haha.

 I often use my Blues Driver and my ZYS as well (tube screamer clone), and I get a great blues tone with these. However, I am trying to get a little different sound, because everyone and their dog use the typical tube screamer sound for blues. Nothing wrong with that, I just try to be a bit different, that's all. I guess I just like to experiment, that's part of the fun of playing guitar!

 Here are some photos from last night's gig. I think it looks like we had fun, and we sure did! Having 3 guitar players on stage at the same time can be scary.... but it worked out well. Only "drawback" - the songs were really long, because each guitar player needed one or two solos for each song!

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on March 21, 2008

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