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July 05, 2010

Blues guitar backing

Here is a good, fun blues backing track I recorded recently. This blues backing is not a shuffle - it has a straight groove. I called it Straight Fordish, since I thought it sounded a bit Robben Ford inspired. It is a fun track to jam along - download it and jam over it! It would be fun if you posted your take on this somewhere, and let me know about it.

I have also posted a bunch more backing tracks on my backing tracks page.

How is the guitar and bass sound? You know, I have discovered a very good way to get great tones for recording guitar and bass. Miking amps is hard to beat, once you get it right. But that's just it - getting it right. It is so much hassle to set up your amp, testing microphone placement, and all that. Takes forever, and often the result isn't quite what you wanted.

So the secret here is using amp modeling software. I have been using Line 6 Pod Farm 2 for a while now, and it impresses me to no end. The things you can do with it is mind blowing. There's a huge selection of amps, both for guitar and bass, as well as effects.

What I do, is record the tracks via the Pod Farm 2 plugin in Logic Express. This way, I record my tracks using the amps I think sound good. Now, the cool thing is, if I want to try some other guitar amps for the track, I don't have to re-record my guitars! I just open the plugin, select a different amp model, and voila - there's a whole new guitar sound. This is so useful for me, and I imagine it would be very useful for anyone. This way, after you have the guitar parts recorded correctly, you can experiment with the software until the cows come home - it doesn't affect what you played. Change effects, amps, eq, etc - you can be in the producer seat, so to speak, not having to worry about the actual guitar playing part.

You can read more about Pod Farm 2 on the Line 6 website. I think it is fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on July 05, 2010

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