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March 04, 2007

Web application workshop in Banff

This weekend was spent in Banff, where I was participating in a workshop on building web applications.

Some good speakers were there, and I enjoyed it very much. Networking with other web design and development people is very exciting for me. I have been in this field for quite a few years now, and being able to connect and share experiences with other developers was very rewarding.

Banff is of course a wonderful place to be at - the scenery is fantastic with the majestic Rocky Mountains all around you. I did get some running in too, although it is hard to run normally in the mountains - it's hilly!

I also brought my guitar and played a bit in my room. I even recorded a couple of clips on the laptop, using the Line 6 Toneport. The Toneport continues to impress me. I haven't had it very long, and have only begun scratching the surface of all the things it can do.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on March 04, 2007

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