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February 22, 2016

The Chris Rolling Squad

Chris Rolling is a French guitar player with great tone and lots of mojo. I've had a listen to his latest EP project - The Chris Rolling Squad.

Overall, I'm digging the tones and the guitar playing. I find the tunes could be more interesting. Still, it's worth a listen.

Have a listen! Go to the Chris Rolling Bandcamp page.



Powerful riffing, clearly inspired by Hendrix. I'm diggin the Fuzz tone with vibe. This tune is played at a pretty fast tempo. It reminds me a bit of Uli Jon Roth too. Great guitar playing, great tone.

Help Me

Groovy, medium tempo, and nice guitar playing as always. Suitable in a sweaty pub for sure! I can envision this tune being performed at a packed pub with happy patrons.


This is another fast tune, with great guitar riffs. The kind of tune that would make people turn their heads for sure.

Vampire Blues

Here we have a medium tempo minor shuffle blues, with nice guitar tones and playing. A bit of Texas Shuffle feel on this one, but a bit "rockier" perhaps.

Janet Says Go Go Go

A fast rock'n roll tune. Very nice groove on this one. I kept tapping my foot along to this one the whole time.


To summarize, this is bluesrock tunes with great guitar playing and guitar tones. The vocals are not the strongest ingredient. This is music for those who like bluesrock and Hendrix-flavoured tones. I think the band would reach more people if they had a stronger vocalist.

The production is a bit one-dimensional and the songs would benefit from better song writing. It sounds very guitar-centric, which has both benefits and drawbacks. If you are a guitar player who likes to listen to bluesrock with great licks and tone, you'll likely enjoy the tunes. If you are more concerned with great melodies and interesting harmony, this may leave you slightly bored.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on February 22, 2016

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