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December 29, 2006

Christmas Guitar Gear

Did you get any cool guitar gear for Christmas? I bought myself my toys, like the Lexicon and the Maxon SD-9. The Maxon arrived right after Christmas, and man is it ever awesome! Love it.

My dear wife got me a fabulous Henckel chef knife, from the Professional "S" series. It is very sharp and cutting up onions with it is like slicing butter. I love to cook, and a quality knife makes all the difference.

Christmas is a time to relax with one's loved ones. Giving each other time and love is important - it's the "bestest" gift you can ever give or receive!

A new year is about to start. My guitar-related plans are to make a Blues DVD that covers both leads and rhythm playing over some common blues styles. I'm a long way from having it ready, but I'll keep at it and eventually I'll get there.

Hope you enjoyed your holidays and that you got some rest and some guitar playing in!

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on December 29, 2006

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