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July 03, 2014

The Best Compressor Pedal

I've never used compressor pedals much, but that has now changed. This is my favourite compressor pedal. It makes my tube amps really come alive at any volume, and it's especially awesome for the wonderful semi-dirty tone at really low volume.

The best compressor pedal? Well, I named it that to get your attention. I have not tried all the wonderful compressor pedals out there, but I have tried a few, and for me - this is the best compressor pedal I've ever used.

It's a tiny pedal, which is great for a crowded pedal board. I now use it all the time, and this stompbox has become one of my top 3 pedals of all time.

The way I use it is into a clean-ish sounding amp, and I don't use other gain pedals with it. It's not necessary to do that.

I really like the products made by Fairfield Circuitry - they have a unique style about them, and they sound really good. More info about this pedal at The Accountant Page.


By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on July 03, 2014

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