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January 18, 2008

Cool Cat Pedals

Danelectro is coming out with some really interesting pedals. The line of pedals is called Cool Cat Pedals. They are definitely worth a close look.

The website for these pedals is CoolCatTone.com.

Danelectro have 9 new pedals out, and they are indeed interesting. What special about them? Well, for one thing - they are true bypass. This means there is less tone loss when you have a bunch of pedals connected together. True bypass is usually something you find in expensive boutique pedals, but it is now possible get true bypass pedals for low dollars.

Yes, they are inexpensive, usually under 40 bucks, but they come with boutique pedal features.

For instance, they also have metal casing. That is good, because I like the sound of the small FAB pedals they already have, but I never dug the plastic casing. Flimsy plastic light-weight pedals for my gigging pedal board is not attractive. Call me old school, but I want pedals with metal casing so that I know they won't break.

What else? Well the jacks are also metal! Plastic jacks are pretty useless - they will break eventually, you can bet your fanny on it. So, these metal jacks are a great feature and it will make these pedals last for a long time.

There are also some interesting type of pedals available. I am big fan of modulation effects, and I'm getting me some. The pedals available are the following 9:

Check out a Cool Cat Vibe video demo where I compare it to the Chicken Salad vibrato pedal.

Go and get yerself a few while quantities last. I bet these little buggers are gonna sell like hotcakes.

I already ordered the fuzz, vibe and tremolo pedals! Of course I will post video demos as soon as I get a chance.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on January 18, 2008

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