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December 08, 2006

Myra and I played a gig at Merchants in Camrose

Merchants, in Camrose, is a nice little coffee house with a European style. We had a bass player, Ray, join us for the first time. Neither Myra or I had ever played with Ray before, but it went pretty good. We are hoping to put a band together with Ray one of these days. Our friend Rocky also came and he played his djembe drum, which was nice.

I used my SX acoustic for the first set, but I was having some feedback issues with it, so I switched to the Squier '51 through my Vox AD50VT. The '51 sounds really good now after I changed the bridge and nut on it.

I even tried using my JamMan looper pedal, but it didn't go well with a bass player and percussionist. They couldn't hear the loop well enough, and we were having problems being in sync with the JamMan so I turned it off. I think if it's just Myra and I, it might work, as long as we can hear the loop clearly enough.

I just bought a Maxon SD-9 on eBay today, so I am looking forward to getting it and trying it out. I have so many pedals, but it's great fun to have a lot of variety. I am looking at getting a good rack reverb for my Hellhound next.

My lavacable guitar cables should be here any day now - I really need them since a couple of my current cables are beginning to give up on me.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on December 08, 2006

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