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March 16, 2008

Go Organic Conference gig

Myra and myself (www.fundamentalthings.ca) played a gig at the Go Organic Conference on March 6, 2008. We had a great time! 

Agricultural producers from all over Alberta had gathered in Camrose at the Norsemen Inn to discuss the latest trends in organic food produce. Members in Going Organic range from farmers to retailers, chefs, processors, gardeners and businesses related to the food industry.

Myra and I had learned a couple of new tunes for this gig, and one that particularly well, I thought, was "Fields of Gold". Great song by Sting. We also played "Waiting For The World To Change", by John Mayer. We have a few jazz tunes in our repertoire, and we noticed these went over really well. It all depends on the crowd.

We try to read the crowd and play the kind of music they respond best to. Often that is country music, but tonight the jazzier, more mellow stuff seemed to do the trick.

I love these kinds of gigs. We played for a short while before suppper, then we got some great organic food for supper, then we played for an hour and a half after the meal.  

The audience seemed to like us. Several people came up to use and complimented us on the music. We also had a guy from the crowd come up and play with us. Turns out he was very experienced musician in bluesgrass and other styles. He was very funny too - he played and sang some songs with hilarious lyrics.

I learned that my Boss DD-20 works really well live. I had a very nice, big sound through my little Hellhound and the DD-20 GigaDelay. Next time I'll bring out my Heatseeker and my 2x12 cab.

Not sure when we play next - we have some leads so we'll see.

We are planning to record some original music this spring. If it turns out good, the songs will be available on the web of course. We really need some demo recordings, and with my new MacBook Pro, I think this will work out great.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on March 16, 2008

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