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November 26, 2006

Bought new Mogami 2524 cable from lavacable.com

I am fed up with crappy guitar cords. I have had George L cable for my pedals, but frankly I don't like them. They sound fine, but their giving me grief with loose connections and the plugs seems to have a more narrow diameter than other plugs. They don't work properly for 2 of my pedals because of this.

So, I bought a bunch of patch cables, and some longer guitar cords too. I have heard many good things about lavacable.com, and their prices seem really good. I went for Mogami 2524 because some players I respect a lot are using them. Lavacable makes the cords by hand to your preference. Their website is easy to order from (uses PayPal). Lavacable uses quality plugs for their cables. Neutrik 1/4" Gold or Silver (Straight), G&H R/A Gold (Right Angle) are the option.

I will report on how I like them once I've tested them a bit. I can't wait to get them! Most of my guitar cables are cheap and of poor quality. This should make my whole rig sound better and eliminate my frustration with loose connections and noisy cables.

Dec 22 2006

Well, I have tested them now, and wow - they are great! They are very silent - no noise and quality of tone has improved since I started using them. I think it has a lot to do with me using so many pedals. Going through my lavacables, all the way from the guitar to pedals to the amp, it has taken care of much of that loss of tone you experience with many pedals.

They also look great with the gold plated plugs. They are super sturdy, and they sure look like the will last a life time. I bet they will too.

From now on, I will buy ALL my cables from Mark at lavacable.com. He makes some of the best cables you can possibly get, and I whole-heartedly give Thumbs Up for these. Highly recommended. Just tell him I sent you there!

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on November 26, 2006

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