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August 24, 2009

Good guitar straps

I've been looking for some great leather guitar straps for a while now, and there is never anything good in the local stores. After looking around online and checking reviews, a few names have come up. Moody straps, Levy's Leather, Eldorado straps, and Italia straps.

I imagine all of those mentioned are good quality. However, I settled for an Italia strap, and it just arrived the other day. I got the Black - Black strap as seen on www.italiastraps.com/black-guitar-strap.html.

I can not stand those cheap nylon straps you get for free when you buy a cheap guitar. They are thin and uncomfortable, really worthless to me. I am unable to wear such straps more than 5 minutes.

First impression of this Italia Strap - this is a very high quality leather strap. It is made out of finest Italian leather. I was pleasantly surprised to see how thick and soft the leather is. Very impressive indeed.

There is a lifetime guarantee on these straps, and I particularly like that there is not any hardware that can dig into my shoulder or my guitar.

I set the strap to be very short, as I am a short guy who prefers to wear my guitar high. Since the leather is so smooth and soft, it is very comfortable with any guitar.

If you want a custom-made strap, Italia straps have you covered. The company listens to their customers' needs, and will make you a strap to your specifications.

This strap is now my main strap, and I use it on my main guitar - my Suhr Classic. A great match! The white guitar and the black strap, perfect contrast.

In summary, if you want a quality leather strap, look no further than Italia Straps. I can not give anything but a big thumbs up for this strap! I will probably order another one, to use with my guitar number two.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on August 24, 2009

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