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August 04, 2008

Request a guitar lesson

I'd like to get your input about new guitar video lessons by me. I have created quite a few different kinds lessons on this website, and every time I am about to create a new one, I get stuck. Maybe I think too much about how to perform the lesson, and often I end up with nothing but a lot of lost time and no video. :(

So, I'd be glad to hear what YOU think. Tell me what you would be most interested in learning from me. I can't guarantee I can fulfill all requests, but the feedback would help me get an idea what my visitors/readers tend to be interested in.

For example, I can do simple lessons or advanced ones - short ones or long ones, lesson with lots of talking and lessons without.

I can do blues, funk, jazz, rock, theory, etc. I prefer to stay away from copying other guitarists material note for note - I find that just boring and I could be infringing on copyright issues by doing so. However, a few lines or overall of style of some players, I might be able to do, but I am no expert on playing in the styles of all the famous guitar players of past or present.

I also never copy a complete solo from another player. That is just way too much work and makes me feel like a complete copycat with no imagination of my own. No, instead I recommend taking small parts from many players, whether it's a few notes, one note, how the note is being played, how the string is attacked, the attitude of playing, etc.

So, if you are hoping to learn some particular "thing" or whatever we call it (lick, riff, scale, chord?), just reply to this post, and be as specific as you can. Please also tell me how long you've been playing and if you are a beginner/intermediate or more experienced as a player.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on August 04, 2008

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