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September 11, 2010

Guitar lessons for adults

Today I would like to recommend a good guitar resource for those aspiring guitar players age about 50 and older. Perhaps you are one who has always wanted to play the guitar, but had to put it off to raise a family and chase a career. Or maybe you are one who played guitar in your younger days, but now would like to pick it back up "later in life". 

Since I don't have a complete guitar study program ready at this point (I hope to, in the future some time), I believe this resource can help you get to where you want to be. 

This program is called Adult Guitar Lessons, where you learn to play songs from your generation. For example, songs, by 
Eric Clapton, The Romantics, Van Halen, Wild Cherry, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Loggins & Messina, The Kinks, The Blues Brothers, Georgia Satellites, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Animals, Joe cocker, Chuck Berry, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Marshall Tucker, BTO, and much more.

Just to let you know, I am moving towards a guitar membership site, which will have the best possible lessons I can possibly create, and it will be very structured. A good structure is one of the things missing with Dolphinstreet at this time. It will come, but if you can't wait for me (it will take me time, I assure you), this program I am mentioning here is well worth a try.

What this program provides:

I encourage you to give this program a try. I think you will have a lot of fun. Remember, you do get a  full 60 day money back guarantee. 

I just hope you don't forget about me! Just kidding - just stay subscribed to my list, and you'll continue to get tips and lessons from me - as long as you stay on my list. I always have more interesting stuff up my sleeve.

Give this program a go if you are dying to get started. It will benefit you greatly, I am confident to say.

By Robert Renman - www.dolphinstreet.com


Posted by Robert Renman on September 11, 2010

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